Become A Brewing Expert!


Hi, I am Andy and I love brewing!

I am an engineer with a master’s degree in Biotechnology and a Ph.D. in microbiology. My passion for microbial processes brought me into the field of brewing and my love for brewing and sharing my knowledge lead me to start this website.

I want to help you achieve the best results and a good understanding of the brewing process at a slightly nerdy level, which I believe is required to be in full control of your brewing process.

And I must also admit that nothing beats drinking something you have brewed yourself with a full understanding of the process!

I love to apply all my knowledge of chemistry and microbiology when I am experimenting with new ciders, beers, mead, kombucha, wine, champagne etc.

But for now, I focus mostly on the first two categories!

I also made a YouTube channel that I will be uploading videos to (at some point) – feel free to follow along.

I come from a place where apples and pears grow better than wine grapes, so I have the most experience brewing cider. But I also enjoy brewing other types of fruit wines and beer.

I hope you will enjoy reading about my experiments and the knowledge I share on this blog!


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