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Andy P.

Writer, Editor and owner

Andy P. is a renowned cider brewer and microbiologist, combining his passions for biology and alcohol. With expertise in cider microbes and fermentation, he shares his knowledge through insightful articles on cider brewing, yeast selection and curious brewing techniques.

Bill J.


Bill Johnson is a seasoned wine taster and passionate home brewer. With his wide expertise in both tasting and brewing of wine, he shares his knowledge through engaging articles on wine, sparkling, and still varieties. Unleashing the artistry of flavors, Bill’s writing captures the essence of fine libations.

Mark T.


Mark Thomsen, a fresh-faced but highly talented brewing enthusiast, pours his expertise into every word he crafts on With a fervent love for sour beers, his articles on brewing and beer exploration bring a tangy twist to the world of hops and malts.

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