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What Beers Do You Drink With An Orange Slice?

A refreshing beer with a slice of orange is a sight that instantly screams summer. But not all beers are suited to this citrusy garnish. So, what beers do you drink with an orange slice?

Wheat beers, namely Belgian Witbiers and German Hefeweizens, are the perfect candidates for an orange slice.

In the US, Blue moon beer is a well known example of a fruity beer often served with a slice of orange.

The reason behind this is largely due to the flavor profile of these beers, which naturally contain notes of citrus and spice.

Adding an orange slice only amplifies these flavors, creating a refreshing and harmonious drinking experience. Let’s delve deeper into the world of orange-accented beers and why they work so well.

The History of Citrus in Beer

Origins in Belgium

The tradition of adding fruits to beer hails from Belgium, where brewers used various spices and botanicals to flavor their beers in the Middle Ages.

This was before the widespread use of hops, which are now a staple in beer brewing.

One of these beer styles, known as Belgian Witbier or simply ‘White Beer’, traditionally uses orange peel and coriander as part of the brew. The orange slice garnish is just an extension of these inherent flavors.

American Craft Beer Revolution

Fast forward to the American Craft Beer Revolution in the late 20th century, and you’ll find the tradition of serving beer with a citrus slice making a comeback.

Blue moon is a well known example of a fruity beer often served with a slice of orange.

Breweries were experimenting with a multitude of flavors, and adding a slice of orange or lemon became a popular way to enhance the flavor of wheat beers and ales.

Wheat Beers and Orange Slices

Belgian Witbier

Belgian Witbier, as mentioned earlier, is brewed with orange peel and coriander, making it a prime candidate for an orange slice. This light, refreshing beer is perfect for hot summer days and the orange slice enhances its naturally citrusy and spicy notes.

German Hefeweizen

German Hefeweizen is another beer that pairs well with an orange slice. This wheat beer has a distinctive banana and clove flavor profile. While it’s not traditionally served with a slice of orange in Germany, many American beer drinkers enjoy the added citrus kick.

When to Skip the Orange Slice

While an orange slice can enhance certain beers, it’s not for every brew. Heavier, malt-forward beers like stouts and porters definitely don’t need an orange slice.

Similarly, hoppy beers like IPAs and pale ales are better off without the additional citrus.

The flavor of these beers is already complex, and an orange slice could muddle rather than enhance the taste.

Beyond Beer: Other Alcoholic Beverages with Orange Slices

There are also other alcoholic beverages that benefit from an orange garnish. Cocktails like the Old Fashioned and Negroni are traditionally served with an orange twist.

Some hard ciders and meads also pair well with a slice of orange.

The Art of Adding an Orange Slice to Your Beer

Adding an orange slice to your beer is not just about plopping it in. First, ensure the orange is fresh and the beer is cold. Cut a thin slice and make a small incision in it.

Then, slide it onto the rim of your glass. Some beer drinkers prefer to squeeze the orange slice into the beer and drop it in, while others simply enjoy the aroma it provides.


In conclusion, adding an orange slice to your beer can enhance its flavor, especially when it comes to wheat beers like Belgian Witbier and German Hefeweizen. However, remember that not all beers benefit from this garnish, and it’s best to skip the orange slice for heavier or hoppy beers.

Here are some key takeaways:

  1. The tradition of adding fruits to beer originates from Belgium.
  2. Belgian Witbier and German Hefeweizen are the best beers to pair with an orange slice.
  3. Heavier and hoppy beers like stouts, porters, IPAs, and pale ales do not benefit from an orange slice.
  4. Other alcoholic beverages such as certain cocktails, hard ciders, and meads also pair well with an orange slice.
  5. The orange slice should be added correctly to the beer to enhance its aroma and flavor.
  6. Always use a fresh orange and a cold beer.
  7. Some people prefer to squeeze the orange slice into the beer, while others simply use it for aroma.
  8. American breweries revived the tradition of adding a citrus slice during the Craft Beer Revolution.
  9. Traditionally, Belgian Witbier is brewed with orange peel and coriander.
  10. German Hefeweizen, while not traditionally served with an orange slice in Germany, is enjoyed this way by many American beer drinkers.


How do you drink Hoegaarden beer with orange?

To enjoy Hoegaarden beer with orange, simply take a chilled glass and pour the beer into it. Then, take a slice of orange and squeeze it gently over the beer, allowing the juice to mix in. You can also drop the squeezed orange slice into the glass for added flavor. Finally, take a sip and savor the refreshing combination of the beer and orange.

How do you drink Hoegaarden beer?

To enjoy Hoegaarden beer, you can follow these steps:

  1. Start by chilling the beer in the refrigerator to the desired temperature, usually around 4-6 degrees Celsius.
  2. Once chilled, grab a clean and appropriate glass, preferably a tall, curved glass that can hold the entire bottle of beer.
  3. Open the bottle using a bottle opener, making sure to remove the cap completely.
  4. Tilt the glass at a slight angle and pour the beer slowly, allowing it to cascade down the side of the glass.
  5. As you pour, gradually straighten the glass to create a nice head of foam, usually about two fingers-width.
  6. Once poured, take a moment to appreciate the beer’s appearance, noting its cloudy, pale yellow color and the fluffy white foam on top.
  7. Lift the glass to your lips and take a sip, allowing the flavors to coat your palate. Observe the refreshing citrusy and spicy notes that are characteristic of Hoegaarden.
  8. Continue to savor the beer, taking occasional sips, and appreciating its unique taste and aroma.
  9. Remember to drink responsibly and enjoy the experience of drinking Hoegaarden beer.

What beer do you drink with an orange?

A popular choice of beer to pair with an orange is a Belgian-style witbier, such as Blue Moon or Hoegaarden. The citrus notes in these beers complement the orange, creating a refreshing and harmonious combination.

Is Hoegaarden a strong beer?

Hoegaarden is not considered a strong beer. It has an alcohol content of around 4.9%, which is relatively moderate compared to other beers.

What beers are similar to Blue Moon?

Some beers that are similar to Blue Moon include Belgian-style witbiers such as Hoegaarden, Allagash White, and Shock Top. These beers share characteristics like a hazy appearance, citrusy flavors, and a smooth, refreshing taste.

Is orange good with beer?

Yes, orange can be a good complement to certain types of beer. The citrus flavors of orange can enhance the taste and aroma of certain beer styles, particularly wheat beers or Belgian ales. Some people enjoy adding a slice of orange to their beer to add a refreshing and citrusy twist. However, it’s a matter of personal preference, and not all beer styles pair well with orange.

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