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Will Cider Explode In The Freezer?

Will cider explode in the freezer? Yes, it certainly can. Like any canned or bottled drink, when cider is exposed to freezing temperatures it expands, and this could potentially cause the container to burst.

This is especially true for cider, which traditionally has an alcohol content around that of most beers. Some have slightly higher – but is it enough to prevent freezing?

But why exactly does this happen?

And how can you prevent it? As a seasoned brewer, I’ve had my fair share of experiences with freezing beverages, cider included. In this blog post, I’ll be sharing my insights on this chilly topic.

Why Ciders Explode in the Freezer

Why does cider “explode” in the freezer? The answer lies in water’s unique expanding properties.

Even though a cider bottle may freeze up, it does not mean it will result in a violent explosion. Merely some shattered glass or leakage.

When water freezes, it expands because the molecules arrange themselves in a way that takes up more space.

This is also why ice floats: it’s less dense than liquid water.

For cider, the water content inside the cider (and yes, even alcoholic beverages have a significant amount of water) expands when it freezes.

This expansion exerts pressure on the container, whether it’s a glass bottle or a metal can. If the pressure becomes too much, the container can burst, or ‘explode’.

The Role of Alcohol Content

One might think that the alcohol in cider would prevent it from freezing, since alcohol has a lower freezing point than water.

Graph showing the freezing temperature of different alcoholic bevereges.

This is partly true: the higher the alcohol content, the lower the freezing point. However, most ciders have an alcohol content between 4-6%, which is not enough to prevent freezing at typical freezer temperatures.

The Risks of Exploding Ciders

Aside from the obvious mess that an exploded cider can create in your freezer, there are a few other risks to consider.

Glass bottles can shatter, sending shards flying around your freezer. This can cause injury when you’re trying to clean up. Also, the sudden release of pressure can cause the cider to spray, potentially damaging other items in your freezer.

Tips to Prevent Cider Explosion in the Freezer

If you want to chill your cider quickly, the freezer might be your first thought. But considering the risks, it’s best to keep a close eye on it. Here are a few tips to prevent cider explosions in your freezer:

1. Set a timer. Most ciders will be nicely chilled after 30 minutes in the freezer.
2. Wrap the bottle in a towel. This can help contain any mess if the bottle does burst.
3. Use a plastic bag. Place the cider in a plastic bag before putting it in the freezer. This can also help contain any potential mess.

Consider a Wine Chiller

For a safer and more efficient way to chill your cider, consider investing in a wine chiller. These appliances are designed to chill beverages rapidly without the risk of freezing.

What to Do if Your Cider Freezes

If you forget your cider in the freezer and it freezes, all is not lost. First, remove it from the freezer carefully. If the bottle hasn’t burst, it might still be under pressure.

Let it thaw in the fridge or at room temperature. Do not attempt to speed up the process by heating it, as this could cause the bottle to burst.

Dealing with a Cider Explosion

If the worst happens and your cider does explode in the freezer, safety should be your first concern. If the bottle was glass, be careful of any shards. Use a broom to sweep up the larger pieces, then a vacuum to catch any smaller shards.


So there you have it, cider can indeed explode in the freezer due to the expansion of water when it freezes. However, with careful handling and the correct chilling methods, you can enjoy your cider without any explosive mishaps.

To summarize, here are 10 key facts to remember:

1. Cider can explode in the freezer because water expands when it freezes.
2. The alcohol in cider lowers its freezing point but doesn’t prevent it from freezing.
3. Most ciders have an alcohol content of 4-6%.
4. An exploded cider can create a mess in your freezer and potentially damage other items.
5. Glass bottles can shatter when they explode, posing a safety risk.
6. To prevent explosions, set a timer when chilling ciders in the freezer.
7. Wrapping the bottle in a towel or placing it in a plastic bag can help contain any mess from a potential explosion.
8. A wine chiller can rapidly cool your cider without the risk of freezing.
9. If your cider does freeze, let it thaw slowly at room temperature or in the fridge.
10. In the event of an explosion, prioritize safety when cleaning up, particularly if the bottle was glass.


Does freezing beer make it stronger?

No, freezing beer does not make it stronger unless you perform some sort of freeze distillation, which may be illegal.

Is beer ruined if it freezes?

Yes, freezing beer can negatively impact its taste and quality. When beer freezes, the water content expands, causing the beer to become flat and potentially altering its flavor profile. Additionally, the freezing process can cause the formation of ice crystals, which can affect the beer’s texture. Therefore, freezing beer is generally not recommended as it can ruin the overall drinking experience.

Can I put cider in the freezer?

Yes, you can put cider in the freezer.

Can you freeze apple cider in freezer bags?

Yes, you can freeze apple cider in freezer bags.

What is the coldest temperature you can store beer?

The coldest temperature you can store beer is typically around 32 degrees Fahrenheit or 0 degrees Celsius.

How long can beer be in the freezer before it explodes?

Beer can explode in the freezer if left for too long. It typically takes around 2-3 hours for beer bottles or cans to explode when frozen.

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