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Does Cider Pair Well With Curries?

Does cider pair well with curries? The answer is a resounding yes! Cider can be a fantastic beverage to enjoy alongside a spicy, fragrant curry.

As an experienced brewer who’s enjoyed countless cider and curry pairings, I can attest to the fact that the right cider can elevate your curry experience.

In this blog post, I’ll explore the world of cider and curry pairings, covering everything from the types of ciders that work best with different curries, to tips on how to choose the perfect cider for your meal.

So, let’s dive in and discover how cider and curry can come together to create a match made in culinary heaven.

The Basics: Understanding Cider and Curry

Cider is a fermented beverage made from the juice of apples or other fruit. There are many different types of cider available, ranging from dry to sweet, and still to sparkling. Cider can be enjoyed on its own or as a refreshing accompaniment to a meal, like curry.

Some of the most popular cider-producing regions include England, France, and the United States.

Curry is a term used to describe a wide variety of dishes originating from the Indian subcontinent, Southeast Asia, and other regions. In general, curries are characterized by the use of complex spice blends, which often include spices like turmeric, cumin, coriander, and chili.

Curries can be mild or spicy, and they can feature vegetables, legumes, or meat as the primary ingredient. Some popular curry dishes include Indian classics like tikka masala, Thai green curry, and Japanese katsu curry.

Why Cider Pairs Well with Curry

There are several reasons why cider makes a great partner for curry dishes:

Complementary Flavors

The fruity, tangy taste of cider can help to balance out the heat and spices in a curry. This is especially true for sweeter ciders, which can provide a cooling contrast to spicy flavors. On the other hand, a dry or mildly sweet cider can complement milder, creamier curries by adding a touch of acidity and brightness.

Refreshing Qualities

The natural acidity and effervescence of cider can help cleanse the palate between bites of a rich, flavorful curry. This makes it easier to enjoy the complex flavors of the dish without getting overwhelmed by the spices.

Lower Alcohol Content

Cider usually has a lower alcohol content than wine or beer, which can be a plus when it comes to pairing with spicy foods. High alcohol levels can intensify the heat of spicy dishes, so a lower-alcohol cider can help keep the heat in check and prevent the spice from becoming overpowering.

Choosing the Right Cider for Your Curry

There are a few factors to consider when selecting a cider to pair with your curry:

Curry Type and Heat Level

The type of curry you’re enjoying and its heat level will play a major role in determining the best cider pairing. For spicy curries, a sweeter cider is generally a better choice, as it can help to counteract the heat. For milder, creamier curries, a dry or off-dry cider can provide a nice contrast without overwhelming the dish.

Cider Sweetness

As mentioned earlier, the sweetness of the cider can play a big role in how well it pairs with a curry. In general, sweeter ciders are better suited to spicy curries, while drier ciders are more appropriate for milder, creamier dishes. But don’t be afraid to experiment with different cider sweetness levels to find the perfect match for your palate.

Cider Acidity

The acidity of the cider is another important factor to consider. A cider with a higher acidity can help to cut through the richness of a creamy curry, while a less acidic cider may be more suitable for a lighter, more delicate dish.

Recommended Cider Pairings for Popular Curry Dishes

Here are some suggested cider pairings for a few popular curry dishes:

Indian Curries

  • Chicken Tikka Masala: A medium-dry, lightly sparkling cider with a hint of sweetness to balance the dish’s creamy tomato sauce.
  • Lamb Vindaloo: A sweet, fruity cider to help temper the heat of this famously spicy curry.
  • Saag Paneer: A crisp, dry, and slightly tart cider to complement the earthy flavors of the spinach and paneer.

Thai Curries

  • Thai Green Curry: An off-dry, aromatic cider with a touch of sweetness to balance the dish’s heat and coconut milk richness.
  • Massaman Curry: A medium-dry, fruity cider to complement the sweet and savory flavors of this mild curry.

Japanese Curries


In conclusion, cider pairs exceptionally well with curries, offering a refreshing and complementary beverage to enjoy alongside your favorite spicy dishes. To recap, here are 10 key facts about cider and curry pairings:

1. Cider is a fermented beverage made from the juice of apples or other fruit.
2. Curry is a term used to describe a wide variety of dishes characterized by the use of complex spice blends.
3. Cider can help balance the heat and spices in a curry.
4. The natural acidity and effervescence of cider can cleanse the palate between bites.
5. Cider usually has a lower alcohol content than wine or beer, making it a good choice for spicy foods.
6. The type of curry and its heat level will influence the best cider pairing.
7. Sweeter ciders are generally better suited to spicy curries.
8. Drier ciders are more appropriate for milder, creamier dishes.
9. The acidity of the cider can also impact the success of the pairing.
10. Experiment with different cider styles and sweetness levels to find your ideal match.

So next time you’re enjoying a flavorful curry, consider reaching for a glass of cider and discover the delightful harmony that these two culinary treats can create together.


Does cider go with Thai food?

Yes, cider can go well with Thai food, especially those with a bit of spice and sweetness. The crisp and refreshing taste of cider can complement the bold flavors of Thai cuisine.

What dessert goes well with cider?

Apple pie or apple crisp are classic desserts that pair well with cider.

What alcohol is best with Indian food?

A crisp and refreshing beer, such as a lager or pilsner, is typically the best alcohol pairing with Indian food due to its ability to cut through the bold and spicy flavors. However, a dry white wine or a fruity red wine can also complement certain Indian dishes.

What goes with cider drink?

Cider pairs well with a variety of foods, including cheese, pork, poultry, seafood, and spicy dishes.

What meals go well with cider?

Cider pairs well with a variety of meals, but it particularly complements pork dishes, spicy foods, and dishes with bold flavors such as barbecue, roasted vegetables, and cheese plates.

Does cider go with curry?

Yes, cider can be a good pairing with curry as it can complement the spicy and complex flavors in the dish. The sweetness and acidity of the cider can balance out the heat and richness of the curry. However, it is important to choose the right type of cider to pair with the specific flavors and spices in the curry.

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