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Should You Get A Hydropress For Cider?

I recently purchased the Hydraulic Fruit Wine Press, specifically the 10.7 gallon size with filter bag and splash guard.

As someone who enjoys making natural juices and cider, I was excited to try out this electricity-free and water-powered press.

In this review, I will share my experiences with the product, highlighting the pros and cons, and provide a quick verdict.

Water-Powered Fruit Press

Revolutionary Water-Powered Juice Extraction

An innovative solution for effortless juice extraction through water power.

  • Efficient and Fast Juice Extraction
  • No Electricity Required
  • Low Oxidation for Fresh-Tasting Juice
  • User-Friendly Operation

By the end of this review, you’ll have all the information you need to decide if this product is right for you.

Pros and Cons

What We Liked

  1. Energy-saving & Ingeniously Simple Drive Mechanism – I found the water-powered mechanism of this press to be incredibly efficient. By connecting a garden hose to the tap, the water pressure drives the pressing process, requiring minimal effort.
  2. Easier to Use – The process of grinding fruit, filling the press, and turning on the tap is straightforward. The incoming water pressure compresses the ground material against the mesh basket, resulting in a smooth and efficient pressing.
  3. Multifunction Hydraulic Press – This press can be used with a variety of fruits, vegetables, and berries, making it versatile for different juice-making needs. I’ve successfully used it for apples, grapes, and red currants.
  4. High Juice Yield/Less Waste – The rapid pressing and short flow distance help preserve the vitamins and freshness of the juice. I was impressed by the exceptionally high juice yield, even when the press basket was only partially filled.
  5. Advantages – Compared to traditional presses, this hydraulic press offers several benefits. It is quicker, easier to clean, minimizes oxidation of juice, and significantly reduces the physical effort required as the water does all the work. Additionally, it can be connected to a standard mains tap.

What Can Be Improved

  1. Size Options – While the 10.7-gallon size is suitable for personal use or smaller quantities, it may not be ideal for larger-scale production. It would be beneficial to have a range of size options available.
  2. Hose Adapter – Some users have noted that the included hose adapter may not fit North American standard hose connections. It’s important to address this concern and provide adapters that fit different regions.

Quick Verdict

The Hydraulic Fruit Wine Press offers an energy-saving and efficient way to make natural juices and ciders without electricity. Its ingenious water-powered mechanism greatly simplifies the pressing process, resulting in high juice yields and less waste.

Our setup for testing out hydraulic presses in our brewery.

While the available size options could be expanded, this press is suitable for personal use and small-scale production. With its ease of use, quick operation, and quality construction, it is a valuable addition to any juice-making setup.

If you’re looking for a reliable and effective press, I highly recommend considering the Hydraulic Fruit Wine Press.

You can find more information about the product and make a purchase here.

What You Get

I recently purchased the Hydraulic Fruit Wine Press straight from Amazon. Being an avid cider enthusiast, I was excited to try out this press for my homemade cider-making process.

The delivery was quick and I received the product within a few days of placing the order.

Upon unboxing the product, I found the following items:

  • A sturdy, well-built wine press.
  • A filter bag for straining the juice.
  • A splash guard to prevent any spills during the pressing process.
  • Unfortunately, the user guide or documentation was missing from the box.


Some key specifications of the Hydraulic Fruit Wine Press are:

  • Brand: EJWOX
  • Manufacturer: EJWOX
  • Item Weight: 47.8 pounds
  • Package Dimensions: 30.12 x 22.44 x 22.05 inches
  • Date First Available: November 7, 2017

The Press in Action

Features – What We Found

Energy-saving & Ingeniously Simple Drive Mechanism

The Hydraulic Fruit Wine Press features an energy-saving and ingeniously simple drive mechanism that allows you to connect a garden hose to a normal domestic water supply.

The inlet and outlet of water and the manometer (pressure gauge) allows you to carefully control and monitor the pressure when pressing.

By turning on the tap, the tap water expands the rubber diaphragm inside the press and presses the ground fruit against the mesh basket. This mechanism gives you control over the pressure and pressing time by adjusting the tap’s flow.

This feature offers an effortless way to press fruit into juice without the need for electricity. It is a convenient and sustainable option for juice making. The simplicity of this drive mechanism makes it user-friendly and suitable for individuals looking for a hassle-free juice extraction process.

Pro-tip: Adjust the tap’s flow gradually to find the perfect pressure for different fruits. Experiment with different pressing times to achieve the desired juice consistency.

Easy to Use

The Hydraulic Fruit Wine Press is designed to be easy to use. After grinding the fruit, grapes, or berries, simply fill up the hydraulic press.

By turning the tap on, the pressure of the incoming tap water compresses the ground material from the inside to the outside against the mesh basket. This creates efficient and consistent pressing without the need for manual labor.

We pressed more than a 1000 lbs in one day per hydraulic press!

This feature saves time and effort compared to traditional presses. The press comes with a filter bag and splash guard to prevent any unwanted materials or splash water from entering the juice, ensuring a clean and smooth extraction process.

Pro-tip: Ensure the fruit is adequately ground to maximize juice extraction and streamline the pressing process.

Multifunction Hydraulic Press

The Hydraulic Fruit Wine Press is versatile and suitable for pressing juice from various fruits, vegetables, and berries.

It can effectively press juice from pre-shredded apples, grapes, red currants, and more. Additionally, it can be used for pressing rhubarb, honeycomb, tomatoes, macerated tobacco, or citrus fruit.

We used a small electric grinder with the hydraulic press tested here and the yield was super high at > 80%.

This feature makes the press a versatile tool in the kitchen for both wine and cider making. It allows for experimentation with different fruits and flavors, expanding the possibilities of homemade juice production.

Pro-tip: Explore different combinations of fruits and flavors to create unique and personalized juices or wines using the multifunctional capabilities of the press.


The Hydraulic Fruit Wine Press applies high pressure during the pressing process, resulting in a remarkably high juice yield. Even if the press basket is only partially filled, the pressure applied ensures maximum extraction of juice from the fruits. This feature reduces waste and optimizes the use of fruits.

There is not much juice left in the pomace after pressing with this one! Its around 80-90% efficient!

In addition to the high juice yield, the rapid pressing and short flow distance preserve the vitamins present in the fruits, maintaining their nutritional value. The juice obtained through this press has a wonderfully fresh aroma, offering a delightful sensory experience.

Pro-tip: To achieve the highest juice yield, ensure proper fruit preparation and evenly distribute the ground material in the press basket. Apply consistent pressure throughout the pressing process.

Advantages: Much quicker than a traditional press

The Hydraulic Fruit Wine Press offers a significant advantage over traditional presses when it comes to speed. As the pressure is generated by the incoming tap water, the pressing process is expedited. This allows for quicker juice extraction, saving valuable time in comparison to manual presses.

In my experience, the wooden presses that we use, require much more time to press a batch of ground apples not only because you need to turn the handle yourself to apply the pressure, but also because you often need to stack several blocks the press all the way.

In addition the pomace is harder to get out of a wooden press and cleaning is much more difficult in general.

Compared to a more traditional wooden press, the hydraulic press is much easier to use and much more efficient.

Additionally, this press is easier to clean as it does not have many intricate parts. The simplicity of the drive mechanism reduces the risk of oxidation during the pressing process, ensuring the juice’s freshness and quality.

The water-driven mechanism also reduces the effort required, as the tap water does all the work for you, and the only downside is that you actually need a tap…

Moreover, this press conveniently works off a standard mains tap, preferably outside. This feature eliminates the need for additional power sources or complex setups, making it accessible for any juice-making enthusiast.

Review and Scores

Our Score: 83.0

I recently purchased the Hydraulic Fruit Wine Press and I have been extremely satisfied with its performance. As a small-scale fruit seller, I needed a press that could handle large quantities of juice production efficiently, and this press delivered.

The energy-saving drive mechanism, powered by a standard garden hose, allowed me to regulate the pressure and pressing time easily. This resulted in a high juice yield with minimal effort on my part.

Not only was the press easy to use, but it was also easy to clean, which is a big plus for me. The short flow distance during the pressing process minimized oxidation of the juice, ensuring a wonderfully fresh aroma. Additionally, the press came with a filter bag and splash guard, which prevented any splash water from contaminating the juice. Overall, the press exceeded my expectations in terms of performance and ease of use.

If you’re in the market for a hydraulic fruit wine press, I highly recommend this product. It offers a much quicker and easier alternative to traditional presses. The high juice yield and energy-saving features make it a worthwhile investment for both small-scale and larger-scale juice production. Click here to check out the product and experience the benefits for yourself.

You don’t need an expensive crusher

If you’re looking for the perfect combination to enhance your cider and wine pressing experience, I highly suggest considering an apple crusher.

Because the hydraulic press is so efficient, you do not need the most advanced electric apple crusher on the market. A manual one will easily do.

Fruit and Apple Crusher with Stand

Alternate product

Effortless Fruit Crushing

Say goodbye to manual juicing! Our Fruit and Apple Crusher with Stand offers convenience and efficiency.

  • Reduces crushing time by up to 50%
  • Large 7L/1.8 Gallon capacity
  • Produces finely crushed fruit pulp
  • Durable stainless steel construction

The hydraulic press operates without the need for electricity, relying on water power instead. This feature ensures that you can make natural juices without worrying about power outages or high energy consumption. The bladder press design allows for an even pressure distribution, resulting in maximum juice yield from your fruits.

We sometimes use an electric drill to “electrify” out manual crusher… It works really well.

Investing in a good crusher will provide you with a comprehensive solution to extract juices from your fruits, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable cider and winemaking experience. Get the Hydraulic Fruit Wine Press along with the main product and elevate your fruit pressing adventures.

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